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Hello random member of the public reading this blog.

You might have seen what my mum has written, including some lies.

I am one of the so called little people {aka children}. From what you might have seen you are not told about my point of view. 

School does not seem to me as it does to parents. To a kid with asd, school can sometimes be a nightmare, but not always.

You might think having asd makes you different to everyone else in every shape or form, but it is not like that. Although having asd makes you a little different, it does not make it right for you to be the least popular kid in the school who nobody likes, with little help and support.

i think people with asd should receive more support depending on how much they need, (having asd does not make you dumb for a example, I am writing this with asd).

ASD has advantages and disadvantages, like you could be better at something than a person with out it, such as i can see small things quicker than a person without it, and I struggle with and hate maths – the least favourite subject of any kid.

Parents are not as clever as they think they are, a bit like when me, mum and my younger brother (with an annoying toy story doll) went on KLFM, live on the radio. Mum was asked a question like which planet is in between Mars and Saturn and she said Earth with out thinking! And I smuggle my iPad upstairs sometimes and Mum and Dad don’t even notice [lol]

Now with food in mind, some people with asd have sensitive taste buds like me. I only eat like 4 or 5 meals (I don’t mean I eat that much in a day)! I am very fussy so I don’t like many foods.

You may have seen if you read this blog, Mum is doing Clipper in 2018 on Leg 8. I will miss Mum on her six weeks of sailing. I  don’t think you would be happy if you were 10 and found out you wouldn’t see your Mum for six weeks.

I am very proud of my Mum and hope she is not too bruised when she gets back. I am proud of my Dad as well, even though he moans a lot!

Thanks for reading this and please follow Mums blog

Michael Squire

Age 10
Year in school: 6



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  1. Liz Cullen

    Hi Michael – great blog! I really enjoyed reading your point of view. What are the meals that you enjoy eating?

    • Sandra

      I like eating bacon sandwiches, chicken, sausages, kfc and macdonalds and a few others. I am just using mums account

  2. Nikki Young

    Michael I think it’s great that you have shared your feelings with us, your a great young man with the same potential as any young man. The world is your oyster and you can achieve what your heart so desires. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I can truly say when I spend time with you, your brother, your Mum and Dad it is fun and I am proud to be hopefully your friend for a long time. School is a structure for new beginnings later in life, love it or hate it but it’s not for keeps Xx

  3. Phoebe

    Fantastic blog, very informative Michael. I will be checking to see if Robin, Sage or Fern have snuck their ipads under their pillows tonight however, what with children often being more clever than their parents I suspect they may have hidden them in a far less obvious place!

  4. Sandra broom

    Omg MM (Mini Mike) thats an awsome blog!! ur growing to be a great little lad soon to be young man, NO!! Asd will not hold you back!! Why people judge like that I dont understand??And people should NOT Judge you by that either. School wasn’t my favourite either but I encourage you to do the best you can, your mum and dad know you very well and if you say I’m doing my best they will know what your saying is true, as for clipper you will miss your Mum, and be proud of her at the same time, she will miss you too, she Is teaching you if you want something!!!! Go do it make it happen!! Take care MM x I will look out for your next blog

  5. Liz Rose

    Great blog Michael, well said! xx from a friend of your Mum (Clipper crew too) xx

  6. Nicky Thomas

    Fantastic blog Michael well done adults need to listen more to ASD children. Very proud of you.

  7. Tara

    I really enjoyed reading about what you had to say Michael – thank you for sharing it with us. I think you wrote that beautifully!!

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