Making the most of an opportunity or wussing out?

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It’s not often I ask other people for their opinion on something. Given that for one woman, I have more than enough opinions of my own and I’m not afraid to use them! So we’re in to new territory now.

Plans for the Round Britain sail appear to have taken on a life of their own, with the help and advice of too many trusted people to mention. Having taken advice, I intend to start and finish in Wells Next The Sea, which suits me perfectly as it’s pretty much my home port. I just wish it was a little nearer to home, but I suppose you can’t have everything. (Just *why* is that exactly? It’s not like I’m not known for getting exactly what I want at all. <cough>)

I’ve bought a new boat so can officially say, if I include the little rowing boat tender that came with it, that I actually own three boats now. (How many boats do you need for it to be an Armada?)

She’s a 1973 Snapdragon 27, so we’re the same age. (She’s probably easier to maintain though….) So it will be two old girls off Round Britain together then. Not the fastest boat in the world, but solid and if I want to race I’ll do something like Clipper or the Fastnet…..oh wait….

She’ll be great for the family too. Just as long as I never take them outside of 4G signal range, they’ll love it! (And you think I’m joking. Never come between a 10 year old and his wifi signal!)

Anyway, so what do I want your opinion on? This whole Solo Round Britain thing. I know I said solo, but would it really be an issue if it was more “solo-ish”.

I’ve had so many people ask if I’d consider letting them join me for a section. Ok, and so many people ask “are you ****ing insane?”. (I thought that would have been quite obvious to most people who know me by now anyway, but apparently not.)

It also seems that these people who want to join me would also be willing to pay for the privilege. So if I’m going to do some fundraising, would I be completely stupid to ignore a prime opportunity to raise more money? (I said I was insane, not stupid!)

So I don’t know if it would actually make things easier for me and raise more money or if everyone will think I’m wussing out.

For clarity – lets make this completely clear – I am not wussing out. I face most things head on (which causes no end of issues in itself) and anyone who saw me climbing a tree last weekend with the aim of throwing myself out of it on the end of a rope, would testify to that. I really, really, don’t like heights. So getting me anywhere near a high ropes course was a miracle in itself!

I think if I went with the taking people with me thing, I’d only want them there for maybe half of the journey, only one at a time and they’d better be competent sailors. So your thoughts appreciated.

Also, on the raising money thing – suggestions for charities also appreciated. Must be relevant to Norfolk. I know for Clipper, I’m fundraising for four charities, but this time I’d prefer it to be just the one, as I’m also intending to help raise some funds towards a roundabout on the A17 in my County Division of Marshland North.

Apparently County Hall doesn’t have a magic money tree, so if I want a £2.3 million roundabout, I have to think of some creative funding solutions and work with local partners. Which is ok, as I’m good at creative and I like to get what I want, and I want a roundabout.

So thoughts appreciated please. And if you’d like to join me on a leg of Round Britain, let me know where, why I should take you and how much you’re willing to pay. 🙂

Then I just need to work out how I’m getting people on and off without stopping. Has anyone got a RIB I can borrow?






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  1. Derek Hart

    Good idea, would be great for me to join you on start from Wells. To wherever. Leg me know what you where planning on for each accompanied section. Ax for local charities Tapping house so really good palliative care and looked after my partners father last year, so worth a mention. As for Wussing out, you could always call it your trial run. Good Luck whichever way you go.

    • Sandra

      Thanks for suggestion, will add it to the list. Choosing is so difficult. I was planning to keep certain legs solo and Wells – Yarmouth (ish) and Hull (ish) back to Wells were two of them!

  2. Philip

    Ive only just joined your threas but Air Ambulance must have come up as the charity, especially for Norfolk. Thats a lot for a roundabout, £2M. Surely you get swings and a slide for that too? Phil

    • Sandra

      I think maybe the crossing of a main A road to get to the swings and slide wouldn’t improve the accident record of the junction any!

      Thanks for suggestion, it’s not one I’ve had suggested before. Although slightly concerned you think I may be needing the Air Ambulance!

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