Things I’ve learned so far this year…

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  1. I am not invincible or immortal
  2. “Family” doesn’t have to mean blood relatives
  3. Emotions are pointless distractions
  4. I am easily distracted 😉
  5. Standing up for yourself is not always a good thing
  6. Neither is having a photographic memory
  7. People will always judge you, even if they say they don’t
  8. Listening to the mechanic the first time is usually cheaper
  9. Woman cannot live on Dairy Milk alone.
  10. Seven year olds can read better than you think
  11. A ten year old talking about Minecraft incessantly is not as soul destroying as a talking Toy Story figure
  12. People are capable of making up nasty, vicious lies solely to try and destroy lives and careers. For fun.
  13. I am far stronger than I could ever have imagined
  14. Nothing surprises me any anymore
  15. I really hate being ignored
  16. Appearances can be deceptive
  17. If you have to explain how you feel, you’re wasting your time
  18. I don’t like having my time wasted
  19. Sometimes what is not said is more illuminating than what is said
  20. Support can sometimes come from unlikely sources
  21. It’s better to take risks than to live life constantly afraid
  22. Trust no-one
  23. Don’t rely on anyone, that way you can’t be disappointed
  24. It’s ok to be different. If other people don’t understand, it’s their loss
  25. I dislike criticism and don’t take it well
  26. I dislike compliments and don’t take them well either
  27. Sometimes the “how” or “why” doesn’t matter
  28. There will always be people who mean more to you than you do to them.
  29. Friends who sail (or row) together, stick together
  30. Whatever happens, it’s still a beautiful world

Most importantly, a line from a Rosie Doonan song has stuck with me over the last few days –

“Whatever will be will come to pass, however long the road may last…”






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