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I’ve been a bit quiet of late, (not a usual attribute of mine it has to be said) but I’ve been nursing an injury. One of those little ones you pick up and don’t think a lot about, until you do something crazy, like sign up for the Clipper Round The World Yacht race and then you think maybe you ought to get it looked at.

So the Physio had a look and thought it needed to be operated on. The Doctor had a look and thought it needed to be seen by a Specialist. The Specialist had a look and decided it needed to be looked at on an MRI. The Radiologist injected dye into it and then took pictures of it. Then the Specialist had a look at the pretty pictures.

When written like that it sounds like a long process, but the good people at the The Fitzwilliam Hospital in Peterborough pulled it all together and from Physio appointment to follow up after MRI was a month. Everyone was so lovely, even when putting enormous needles in my shoulder joint. (Unpleasant but not painful)

<Disclaimer: Needle may not actually have been *that* enormous, it just felt that way>

The lovely Mr White, while taking the time to show me lots more about the mechanics of my shoulder than I ever thought possible, has given me the all clear to begin Clipper Training. Shoulder is going to be ok and doesn’t need to go anywhere near a scalpel. He did mention something about a regular supply of painkillers, but we’ll choose to ignore that bit in true “cup is overfloweth” fashion.

Until I was cleared by the Specialist, Clipper wouldn’t let me even book my first weeks training. I had to make do with reading about all the fun my future crew mates were having on their courses. (Which was a very poor substitute I have to say) So having looked at the dates, training will now commence in March 2016. We’re good to go!

Today is also a big day for my Cousin. He’s going to be boarding his Clipper Yacht in Cape Town ready for departure on his leg on the 31st. I’m stupidly excited for him and would like to wish him and the rest of Team Garmin, the very best of luck for their journey ahead. They will spend the next few weeks crossing the mighty Southern Ocean enroute to Australia, while the rest of us will be checking the race viewer repeatedly, several times a day. Sail fast & stay safe guys, hope to see you back on the podium.

Oh and Chris, when you’ve finished – can I buy some of your kit? And can I have family discount?




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  1. Marie

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder but great it’s not going to stop you racing. I’d stock up on the painkillers though. I think your very brave and good luck.

  2. blueladybird

    Very excited for you – you’ve an amazing journey ahead, before you even start the race. This is life-changing stuff. Glad your shoulder isn’t going to hold you back, but definitely go with the painkillers!

  3. Phoebe

    I am so excited for you and actually beginning to feel inspired by your ‘can do’ attitude. There is no going back now – only forwards! I will make a promise to myself : if you achieve this or at least put up an impressive fight trying then I will do something life changing for myself! (ok it may not be as big or as impressive but nethertheless it will be life changing for me) Good luck.

    • Sandra

      Yay! Well done Phoebe. Pick something off your your list of things you would like to do, no matter how silly people think you are and just do it.

      But what’s this “put up an impressive fight trying”? We’ll have none of that! Remember –

      “Do. Or do not. There is no try”

      (Random Yoda quote of the day)

      If you need any help setting those dreams to flight, let me know! Always available to help!

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