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Hello & Welcome

So I’ve had this new blog for a while now, I hadn’t posted anything as I was concentrating on (attempting) to make it look presentable before the grand unveiling so to speak.

But then I added google analytics and found that people were already here, looking around! So I thought I really ought to say something.

Hopefully no-one’s really noticed the 15 changes of theme in an evening, the uploading and deleting of lots of photos, or even the 24 changes of font. I wanted it to look “right” before anyone noticed we were here! This is the blogging equivalent of opening the door to the postie in your nightie! So it’s not the grand unveiling – There’s an awful lot of dressing that needs to be sorted before we appear fully in public. I just wanted to say ‘Hi’.

You can read about me on the ‘About Me’ page, you can contact me via the rather aptly named ‘contact’ page, you can comment somewhere down there    or follow me on twitter over there .

Please check back soon for more developments.



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